Darsh International, headquartered in Duabi, UAE, was formed with the vision to provide a trading platform to Asia-Europe customers.

We have a significant network of strategic assets across the globe, we can readily match demand for product in one part of the world with supply from another. We create reliability through reach. Stability is maintained regardless of whether supply is abundant or restricted, helping to create certainty in commodity price management. We believe in providing quality and unbiased customer service. Our team endeavors to make its operations value driven and remains committed to ensure relentless performance.

Our product offerings


Darsh international is highly specialized in the field of Bearings and other allied products which find numerous application in various industries like Steel, Mining, Power, Cement etc. We undertake technical ..

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Engineering Equipment

Engineering equipments have witnessed a rapid growth and it is mainly exported including countries like US and Australia. Our company caters to customers of all budgets and preferences. The focus is on help..

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Coal & Firewood

Darsh international is engaged in importing power generation products in bulk to meet the energy requirements of different regions. We undertake efficient inspection and certification process to maintain..

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Steel Metals

Darsh international is involved in import and export of steel that meets the quality standards of global trade. Deep knowledge of the market is essential and the company goes through a thorough inspection of the products.

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